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    Flash Player Product

    Created by UCO-Online Generation II

    UCO-Online Gaming Generation II Company

    OUR RULES !!

    1.No Racism

    2.English public language.

    3.Don't spam in chat or in game.
    4.Talking about other servers result ban for ever.

    5.No asking for Mod's-PM's-GM's

    Rules In Game

    1.No spamming in BroadCast

    2.No selling or trading accounts.

    This will get your account Banned

    3.No AFK accounts Around. This will Lag the Server

    4.Blocking NPC's from being used by other players
    will get your account Kicked

    5.No bots or hacks, This will get your IP Banned.

    6.If you donate you can't get your money back if the
    server has a problem and needs to close but you will
    regain instantly all your data account.

    7.You must read, know and respect the rules as a site helper.

    Server Launch

    New !!

    The New UCO Trailer

    > This will help us to have a little ideea about
    the people who are visiting our product.

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